Thank you for taking the time to view my work. My name is Jose "J. Salvador" Saenz and if I had to put a label on what it is I do, I would say I'm a content creator, but above all, and at my core, I'm a storyteller. Sometimes that content, and the stories within, come in the form of film-making, sometimes it's animation and sometimes it's photography. My journey as an artist has been just that -a journey. It's an ever evolving road with many creative and rewarding off-ramps. If my work seems versatile, or perhaps even lacking a focal point as a collective body of work, it's only because my curiosity for exploring new ways to express myself has never ceased. People are not 2-dimentional and as such no one piece of art can define an artist. It's my super power and I've embraced my curiosity in learning new creative vehicles to tell stories.